Boom: Music Player & Equalizer App Reviews

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It works great with Roku impossible on Apple TV

Works great on Roku like the way you been brainwashed to think Apple TV and airplay should sound But apeeel is probably not getting profit from that app Oh (Roku) is the competitor ?☝????


If I could give this a zero I would, though it will only let me go as low as 1.

Needs improvement

I like the app but the one thing that Im a little disappointed about is it doesnt count the number of plays for a song (on the built in iPhone music app, each time a song is finished, the counter adds one to the number of plays. It adds however many plays for a song to iTunes since the last time you synced your phone with your computer.) I personally like to keep track of my progress, so if it wasnt for that I would still use this app for listening to music. Also, the visualizer during when a song is played is kinda slow and doesnt look as smooth as I hoped for. Im not an expert programmer or anything but these sound pretty easy to fix. Once it is then Ill definitely give this 4 to 5 stars as well as use this app more often.


So I was listening to my playlist on my Echo-426 and wondering why the music didnt sound great. It was kind of not all there and one directional. Then I found Boom ?And BOOM ? the music ? came alive ‼️????☝️ Now Guardians of the Galaxy-Awesome mix volume 1 and volume 2 sound FaNtAsTiC. Every song is beautiful. I love it that I can have different mixes for different music. I have an iPhone 6s Plus and the app works great ?? I could only give you 5 stars ✨ Otherwise... ✨✨✨✨✨✨.

A data mining scam, this app.

A data mining scam. An "equalizer app" that wants access to your songs, videos, and playlists but then wont perform its ostensible purpose on any of them. It always vaguely cites copyright protection, but notice how no detailed explanation of the every-time blockages is made available anywhere in the app. Seems like thats the first thing they do doing if you couldnt equalize any of your songs with their equalizer app. Trust the negative reviews here.


Only works with music you get from other source. Does not work with music purchased or downloaded from iTunes.

Love it so far

Only had it for a short time but its doing exactly what I want it to do. Thanks!

Its great but I have some suggestions...

This app changed my way of listening to music quite a bit. It may add some echo to music but surprisingly it doesnt effect it negatively. Sug. 1: Ok. That circular music player thing needs to be changed or maybe we could have an option to change it to a basic line with the album artwork showing or if not maybe a visualizer if we want to take out the album art. Sug. 2: Could you possibly try to add a way to control our music from outside the app (I.e. Change track time, possible Notification Center widget, etc.) to make everything more accessible or something. Overall verdict: 9/10. This app is extremely well made but definitely could use some tweaks here and there. ~Suki

Minor tweaks needed

Its a nice app. I have Boom 3D on my MacBook and it works well. The iPhone version is no different, but one noticeable issue is that when playing songs from the control center (swiping up from the bottom of the screen), the pause/unpause button sometimes needs to be clicked twice for the song to play. The time left for each song is also inaccurate. Other than that, Boom works as it should.

Best avis

Super application but need to work with iTunes music library and streaming as great equalizer !!! It is not the case !

Amazing desktop app

But thats because it lets me play Spotify. Your target market should be Spotify/SoundCloud/os native controls not Apple Pay for iTunes


Please, in the next update, could come connecting the spotify! ??

Love it

Its great that app gives you 5 days free trial which let me experience it, so I bought it. Question: Does this app include volume booster?

Its great if youre willing to pay for effects

Really wish the 3D sound and bass boost or even just the base boost were free options. Cause really without those this app is weak in comparison to other music player apps.

Good app for music

Make it so Apple Music can have the effects please

Does not work

Does not work with Apple Music. Whats the point


I tried this app and listened to a few of my songs from within the app and at 1st was very impressed at the sound quality when the effect is enabled. Within the app you can turn the effect on and off and the quality of all tracks was much improved with the effect on. But, I soon realized what was happening. My music sounds flat when listening from within the app with the effect disabled. But if I listen to the same track on my built in player on my iPhone the track sounds great without the app. So from what I can tell turning the effect switch off within the app intentionally degrades the sound quality of my track in effort to make the effect impressive. The switch does not compare the effect with the sound of my built in audio. Very misleading. I will not be keeping this app.

Its ok.

I would like it if I was able to use other music apps such as Spotify!

One big problem

When my AirPod disconnected while playing. The app switched to speaker right away instead of pause. It is bad when I am in the office.

Waste of money ?

All of my Apple Music songs are DRM protected, so its literally useless. Wasted $3! Thanks for nothing.

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